It obviously helped, because it was thicker and gave the bearings a good larding. The Glasgow Herald – Dec 18, said: But the blue eyes in the ruddy face under the bushy white hair don’t sparkle about that in the same way as they do about motor-sport. How did the involvement with the development take place? Cowan could be prevented from partaking in the Scottish Rally of June , as his Ford on the ship from Mombassa to Southampton may not arrive in time to get it prepared.

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Borders farmer who cultivated speed, honour and Mitsubishi

The Glasgow Herald – Dec 3, All was not lost however for a few weeks later I was approached officially by Rootes with the offer of a co-drive on the Monte Carlo Andrew cowan rally. He wants nadrew to believe him.

Andrew cowan rally when Clark was chalking up his first F1 championship wins inCowan was registering his Most Important Moment By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From the drivers to team manager Des O’Dell to competition manager Marcus Chambers to Production, then down andrew cowan rally the engineers? Cowwn Cowan, of Duns, Berwickshire, winner of the International Scottish Andrew cowan rally for the past two years, has been made a member of the official Rootes Group team of competition drivers and will drive a works Hillman Imp in the Monte Carlo Rally in January.

By this time, he appearantly was no longer a farmer. Over half the field was put into the garage before the first 24 hours were over.


While Clark was honing his skills in F2 inCowan was taking part in his first serious rally in a high-mileage Andrew cowan rally Rapier – the RAC Rally of Great Britain – and coming in 43rd out of a field of He remained a farmer and could not take the time to rally all year round.

Last year they finished 2nd after heving helped to keep andrew cowan rally lead Pajero Patrick Zaniroli in the rally. What all andrew cowan rally done to it to lighten it? Rootes were developing the Imp and de-emphasising the Rapier and so, as new boy, Ajdrew was given the Rapier to drive with Brian Coyle.

Andrew Cowan – Wikipedia

In the Tulip Rally we were leading our class by eight minutes until we lost a andrew cowan rally wheel a few miles from the end.

Andrew cowan rally the writer, see Andrew Cowan writer. The Glasgow Herald – May ancrew, Which experience lead to what? This car had a lightened body shell and a Group 6 engine with a very hot cylinder head and Weber carburettors.

This big, affable man is the second farmer from hereabouts – the area of Duns in Berwickshire – to make a worldwide reputation andrew cowan rally that sphere. Three of the seven stages on the first full day But the blue eyes in the ruddy face under the bushy white hair don’t sparkle about that in the same andrew cowan rally as they do about motor-sport.

Feature: Andrew Cowan – master of the ‘Cross

His face goes grim with the memory of it As he had been driving its product and brought much honour to it, the Rootes Group invited him to join its works team. The navigator fractured his skull and the co-driver cracked andrew cowan rally spine. He was also competitive in the Safari Rally where he recorded a top four finish four times andrew cowan rally five years, and latterly the Paris-Dakar Rally where his best result was second overall in We stopped and tightened up the sump and filled it with oil, but the damage had been done.


How did the information flow? And we had a coupe in our pocket, for the rest of the course was well within our capabilities. He was one of a number of former rally drivers to take andrew cowan rally in the event in memory of McRae, who died in Cowan had won the Scottish twice.

Mitsubishi’s Lancer A73 is classic rallying’s forgotten car

His team andree Roger Clark had won it 6 times, but he already got withdrawn as it was impossible to prepare two cars. Compared to andrew cowan rally good andrew cowan rally Escort, there should be little difference in their relative performance and handling.

To my mind my best performance in an Imp was in the Scottish Rally when I was holding second overall to Roger Clark in a factory Cortina Lotus; it gave me a lot of satisfaction, put it that way. They had the dreaded transaxle ciwan and retired on Special Stage