The sound is admittedly disappointing, even compared to my previous AIO – the bass is just not there. I cannot really see any cons with it. Show More Show Less. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t fix the color problem. Pros Hardware has strong multimedia focus. Tell us what you need by filling in the form.

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Dell Inspiron One 23in. All-in-One Desktop – Customized | eBay

Get fast, easy access to photos, music and videos with Dell Stage software. Fastest Mobile Networks However, if you don’t care about color, then this is a pretty good buy. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

The Dell Inspiron One wins us over with its combination of category-leading performance right now sceeen entertainment features that will keep the all-in-one in use for years. The Inspiron comes wall mount ready.

Dell Inspiron One 2320 23″ LCD Touchscreen Screen Display With Digitizer 0m5p8g

Tons of USB ports – 2 on the side and 4 in the back. Couple weeks ago Dell inspiron one 2320 touch screen wiped toucu everything and rebooted it to its original settings – nothing changed. I’ve been a Dell customer for almost 8 years. Thanks to its discrete Nvidia GeForce GT M video card, the Inspiron One delivers some of the best graphics and gaming performance available in an all-in-one.

It’s on the back of the system that things get interesting. Get Our Best Stories! Boots up fast for not being an SSD drive. This computer was the worse purchase I ever done. I took it out of the box and adjusted the stand. Given how many manufacturers provide the same one- or two-month dell inspiron one 2320 touch screen that can be found for free online, a trial this lengthy is a welcome addition.


I had to do some tweaking with the graphics and memory in order to get my games to play smoothly, but nothing that doesn’t have to be done on any new computer. Dell inspiron one 2320 touch screen Dell has equipped the Inspiron One with a 2.

For internal speakers, they have outstanding bass and get loud enough for a small party. Please enter your Email ID. After trying all the basic troubleshooting I called the Dell support center.

While you’re there, the included TV-style remote has all of the standard media buttons, as well as controls for navigating between Web pages or TV channels when watching over-the-air programming through the integrated TV tuner. The USB ports don’t support dell inspiron one 2320 touch screen USB cables, I keep getting error messages I am constantly losing my printers connectionand recently my screen keeps going blank!

Signy is committed to offering inspiroh an unrivalled choice of the world’s best brands with exceptional standards of customer service and after sales support. Thank you for choosing Dell.

Features The Dell Inspiron One is decked out with all the features you could want dell inspiron one 2320 touch screen a desktop, plus a collection of entertainment inputs that will keep this all-in-one useful even when the components have been surpassed by newer models.


It was disaster from the start. Includes spacious hard drive, 15 free months of McAfee Security Center. Dell’s proprietary Stage interface aims to make the Inspiron One even more finger-friendly, bringing a tile-based user interface to the desktop and Web browser.

It networked well with the other computer and has worked flawlessly in application.

Dell has preinstalled on it the Windows 7 Touch Pack and Microsoft Office Starterwhich offers basic word processing and spreadsheet functions, but no PowerPoint or Outlook. Find more suppliers in Hyderabad Lappy in Hyderabad. For now, plugging iinspiron my trusty Bose external speakers work great, but do add a little bit more clutter.

Dell Inspiron One Review & Rating |

Overall, the build quality seems good, it’s worked well so noe, and its speedy for my needs, so this computer gets five stars for now! I really like all the inputs and outputs this AIO has – makes it versatile for sure. Tell us if something is incorrect.