A duvet or a table cloth are the wrong surfaces for playing games. When it comes to working environment, the user is presented with reflective high-gloss surfaces. The GPU temperature reaches a maximum of 88 degrees. According to brightness and active wireless modules, it can, however, be This is, however, no realistic battery life, because not only was the CPU idle but also the brightness was at its minimum and the wireless modules were inactive. Only when a single thread takes on the complete computing of the processor does its clock speed climb to the 2. Particular attention was paid to the volume adjustment.

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The closely related HD reaches 7. Under load the enormous energy consumption is sustained.

[ubuntu] Lenovo Y with i7 and ATI Madison [Mobility Radeon HD / M] very loud

Message 4 of 8. Gaming with the latest demanding 3D titles is simply joyful and the Yp cut through p video production. In our test device there are two RAM modules built in: This auxiliary foot prevents j560 base unit from overlying centrally.

As well as the ideapad y560 ati sti, which unfortunately has a very low stroke. Even at a high volume the sound doesn’t scratch, but instead gives highs and lows cleanly. The Y can however be excused, as 90 percent of ideapad y560 ati laptops in our tests don’t offer contrast levels on the other side of The dynamic overclocking of Turbo Boost in the individual cores is activated automatically.


It’s exactly these openings that clearly bend under pressure. Also the ideapad y560 ati computing power runs at the best of formwhich is typical for this processor.

The Q in the CPU name stands for quad, four real cores.

Lightly cloudy, view from the right. Responsible for this and the battery life is the strong quad-core QM.

Review Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Notebook

ideapad y560 ati Moreover the absurd undertaking provides for an even less stable base unit. To the right alongside the keyboard there are three keys for easy volume adjustment. The maximum possible energy consumption is demanded by the stress test with Prime95 and Furmark. Hardware Zone If you find the Lenovo IdeaPad Y to be quite familiar, or at least a case of deja vu, it’s because this model is actually an update ideapad y560 ati another notebook that we reviewed earlier this year – the IdeaPad YP.

Review Lenovo IdeaPad Y Notebook – Reviews

However, what the Lenovo Y delivers when gaming can only be ideapad y560 ati as pleasant. The negative list is headed by a vociferous cooling systemespecially under load. As there’s no lock for the lid, accidental opening of the display during idezpad without a bag cannot be ruled out.


The base plate has openings aplenty for taking in cooling air.

The IdeaPad Y isn’t fussy about energy. It’s surely not everyone’s cup of tea when wrist-rest areas, the touchpad and the quick-start bar are atii in finger prints before long. Forums Ideapad y560 ati Base Blogs. The air flow openings of the underside should not be covered up by a carpet or anything similar.

I guess it’ll take me some serious time to do it. Z cannot connect to any network.

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The positioning of the connections seems partly sensible, partly awkward. Timing Single-Core Povray 1x. Unfortunately to these belong the Y Heatpipe on the QM.

While gaming laptop was hot, GPU temp 98C, laptop restarted itself. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. With two hands we can twist the chassis with little effort.