View other TaylorMade products. I’m a 24 handicapper, I do aim slightly left as I slice but when I’m down the range with this club I have every confidence with it. I have added at least 10 [probably more] yards. Everyone knows a right-to-left or straight trajectory will travel farther than a push or slice. I bought the r7 draw driver the other day, hit the driving range and wintin half a bucket of balls, had adjusted to the new club, lost my slice and hit further down the range than ever before! I have now bought another r7 Draw driver and once again bomb the shots down the fairway a long way past all this modern stuff.

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Today’s Golfer

This has not been the case. Shots were more consistant! My personal experience is limited with this club.

I hit the ball straight most shots, or sometimes with a draw. Best driver I have ever owned. Going back to my dx on Friday.

I r7 460 draw the Fairway Woods of this type play a lot better. It’s my favourite club, not bad for a man who only hit a 3 wood for 5 years! I think a 9 degree might be more prone to hooks.


r7 460 draw The rest is history folks! The head is big which allows forgiveness, I still hit the ball nearly r7 460 draw when I slightly duff, heel or toe the club.

I appreciate that the r7 Draw is easy on the eyes. It is amazing how much better I am swinging with this club because it has a high trajectory that gives me great distance. I still refuse to call it a slice Some days its more controllable than others. Ball hits were centered on the head and has a great feel through the hit. Your review title You must enter a title.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Titanium Driver * Reax MITSUBISHI Regular-flex EC | eBay

I recommend Discount golf in Hartswood, Essex. I only played one round of golf 7r it, but I really like it. The confidence I have on the tee now is all thanks 406 my Taylormade r7 Draw driver.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I’m r7 460 draw 24 handicapper, I do aim slightly left as I slice but when I’m down the range with this club I have every confidence with r7 460 draw. I have spent a number of days researching to make sure this was the club for me.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

I played a craw yesterday with 2 guys who have 14 and 21 handicaps r7 460 draw I am high handicap currently. The driver has been my krytonite the past few years, and I have put myself behind the eight-ball or trees, rocks, walls, and OB stakes on far too many occasions.


I used to consistently outdrive all. I am only 14 years old and playing for the golf team in high school. The r7 Draw also has a bright yellow stripe on the outer sole. I just purchased a really good condition R7 460 draw after playing my r7 460 draw Your email address You must enter a valid email address. At first, the closed style was very noticeable. Switched to medium not stiff shaft that added about more yards.

I r7 460 draw to a shop and tried it out on a simulator. Slice was less than what I saw with my old driver. Hits like drad dream I love it.